Family-friendly hiking.

Strolling around the Hechtsee lake – an all-season pleasure

When strolling around the Hechtsee lake, you will consequently become aware of its entire natural beauty. You will easily get hooked on it, walking along the easy hiking-path around the lake, 2.6 km in length, with no significant steep hills. Surrounded by trees and reeds, quaint places, fascinating impressions. An adventure at any season of the year.

In spring, in the first beams of sunshine, when nature awakes again and turns green. In summer, while walking in the cool shadows, where cosy benches invite you to make a break. In autumn, when countless colours of the leaves are reflected in the waters. Or while strolling through a mystic foggy scenery, watching the raindrops forming circles in the surface of the lake, enjoying the shelter of the trees.

But even in winter Hechtsee lake is a great place to visit. Fresh snow, scrunching at every single step, sheets of ice, floating on the water. Powder snow, fluttering from the branches. A second to none Tyrolean winter-romance! And later, a hot chocolate or a tasty soup in the restaurant…

The route: Start your tour at the car park at the Hechtsee lake restaurant, past the old lodge ‘Seerose’ and along a picturesque hiking path on the eastern shore up to the northern end of the lake. Cross a little bridge at the lake’s runoff and walk along the western (on the right-hand side) shore through a cosy wood, and, on an almost even path, soon you will reach again the starting point close to the Hechtsee lake restaurant.

Note: you can enlarge your route as you like, by making a slight detour to the Egelsee lake or Längsee lake – or by making a longer round trip, maybe with a visit of the Thierberg chapel …

Starting point: Parking lot at the lake arena, 550 m above sea-level
Duration: about 45 minutes
Height difference: about 45 metres
Distance: about 2.6 km

Very easy, family-friendly circular walk, manageable even by wheelchair and with prams.