Extensive hike in the heart of nature.


The Hechtsee lake is the starting point for the Four-Lakes-Tour, which is an easily manageable hike with a plain routing, leading to four scenic lakes in Kufsteinerland. The Pfrillsee lake, the Längsee lake, the Hechtsee lake and the Egelsee lake are charmingly embedded in nature, and within easy reach. This hike to all four lakes might probably be the most popular one, starting at Hechtsee lake. It starts at the right-hand sided shore of the Hechtsee lake at the restaurant and runs past to the three adjacent lakes Egelsee lake, Längsee lake and Pfrillsee lake. This wonderful, almost romantic hike is convenient for your whole family. And, indeed, a must for all lovers of nature: water, clear as crystal, gorgeous beech- and fir-forests, a fascinating flora and fauna.

Starting on the right-hand sided shore of the Hechtsee lake this romantic hiking trail leads to the protected, wild and romantic Egelsee lake (15 min.) and its interesting flora and fauna. Then keep to the left towards Hechtsee lake, cross the Hechtsee lake brook and take the wooded trail along the lake until the next signposted junction. Then turn right, walk along the cosy Hechtsee lake brook, slightly ascending sometimes, and later you walk along a forest road to the Längseee lake (636 m). Once there, take the convenient forestry trail to the Thiersee road, cross it and go down to a small parking area in the wood, before you reach the idyllic Pfrillsee lake after a few hundred metres walking through a forest.

You reach your starting point via Thierberg. Back to the small parking area underneath the Thiersee road, crossing it once again and at the siding car park of the Thiersee road along a paved road, then gravel road, then follow the signposting Thierbergkapelle- Gh. Neuhaus northeast bound. Over a hill and downwards the meadow, shortly before you reach a charming old inn, called Neuhaus, go along the edge of the wood in a sharp angle and take the way of the cross, neatly arranged, up to the Thierberg chapel. Which is, in fact, worth being visited! From the observation tower you can enjoy a breath-taking overview of Kufstein and its surroundings.

Back to the Hechtsee lake: go back a few meters, turn right and take the switchback downwards to a meadow, where you can see a secluded house. Go straight ahead and follow the signposted, slightly ascending, trail through the forest until you reach the next fork. Now you are on your way back to the parking area of the Hechtsee lake.

As a perfect ending of your hike we recommend taking a stop at the Hechtsee lake restaurant.

Starting point: car park lake arena, 550 m
Duration: about 3 hours
Height difference:

Family-friendly circular walk