Familiy-friendly hiking

Strolling around the Hechtsee lake – an all-season pleasure

When strolling around the Hechtsee lake, you will consequently become aware of its entire natural beauty. You will easily get hooked on it, walking along the easy hiking-path around the lake, 2.6 km in length, with no significant steep hills. Surrounded by trees and reeds, quaint places, fascinating impressions. An adventure at any season of the year.



In fact, there is not anything like bad weather at Hechtsee lake. The only thing you ought to know is, what you like to do there.


Extensive hike in the heart of nature.


Extensive hike in the heart of nature

The Hechtsee lake is the starting point for the Four-Lakes-Tour, which is an easily manageable hike with a plain routing, leading to four scenic lakes in Kufsteinerland. The Pfrillsee lake, the Längsee lake, the Hechtsee lake and the Egelsee lake are charmingly embedded in nature, and within easy reach. This hike to all four lakes might probably be the most popular one, starting at Hechtsee lake. It starts at the right-hand sided shore of the Hechtsee lake at the restaurant and runs past to the three adjacent lakes Egelsee lake, Längsee lake and Pfrillsee lake. This wonderful, almost romantic hike is convenient for your whole family. And, indeed, a must for all lovers of nature: water, clear as crystal, gorgeous beech- and fir-forests, a fascinating flora and fauna.



Enjoy Italian Pizza.


Coffee and cake on the terrace …